About Us

Nekomata Mask photo on picture Frame

Where creative flare meets reality, PaperJutsu is the premier do-it-yourself paper crafting store with unique and cutting-edge designs. Whether it be the traditional Moon Rabbit, the iconic Kitsune, a horned skull, or the ever-popular Destroyer, PaperJutsu quality and our easy to follow instructions make constructing these one-of-a-kind masks just as much fun as wearing them!

Each mask is categorized by the difficulty level of its construction. Most folks begin with Level 1 masks, but some choose to challenge themselves at higher levels. All masks are a snap to download and print, and the instructions patiently walk you step-by-step through the building process.

The end result is more than a mask, these are works of art. Satisfied customers have displayed these pieces in a multitude of ways, and we never get tired of our client’s creativity and are appreciative of the community we’ve built. Enjoy your browsing experience and we know you’ll find the right mask(s) for you.

Crafted with love,
The PaperJutsu Team